PhantomStrider in a Live Action video

PhantomStrider Opening (Josh Strider's Version)

PhantomStrider Opening (Josh Strider's Version)

Welcome to the Phantomstrider Wikia

This wiki has information on PhantomStrider videos, stories, characters and settings as they occur. It also has a bit of background information on the characters in the videos. It's also a fun quiet place for me to rant my extra thoughts XD Anyone is welcome to edit or add new articles :)

PhantomStrider's main channel:

PhantomStrider's second channel, LiveStrider:

Table of Contents

Link Description
List of Videos A comprehensive list of all the videos Strider has made on both channels
People Different people/internet personalities/friends of Strider that have appeared on his channels
List Ideas Feel free to post your own top list ideas here


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