# Character Cartoon Image Voice Actor
6 Jerry Rick and Morty
Jerry Smith
Chris Parnell
5 Patrick Modern SpongeBob
Patrick Star
Bill Fagerbakke
4 The Minions Despicable Me
Pierre Coffin and Chris Renaud
3 Magic Man Adventure Time
Tom Kenny
2 Ronaldo Steven Universe
Ronaldo Fryman
Zachary Steel
1 Angelica Rugrats
Angelica Pickles
Cheryl Chase

Dishonorable MentionsEdit

Character Cartoon Image Voice Actor Why It's Not on the List
Gerald South Park (Season 20)
Matt Stone "It's hard to not want to punch Gerald nowadays! He's become petty, narcissistic, and very obnoxious! Essentially, he's become an overgrown troll that South Park tries to pass off as normal."
Diamond Tiara and Silver Spoon My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic
Diamond Tiara and Silver Spoon walk by S1E12
Diamond Tiara:
Chantal Strand

Silver Spoon:
Shannon Chan-Kent
"For the longest time, Diamond and Silver were considered the most annoying characters in the My Little Pony community. It wasn't until season 7 that they finally got a little redemption and were no longer just shallow two-dimensional snob characters."
Bloo Foster's Home for Imaginary Friends
Keith Ferguson "His self-centered nature towards the other friends tended to just rub me the wrong way. But I talked about him before in Worst Cartoon Characters, so I left him off the list."


  • Previously mentioned Bloo in Worst Cartoon Characters.
    • Angelica also returns from that same list. Modern Patrick and Ronaldo also dishonorable mentions in that list.
  • The music for Worst Episodes of Good Cartoons is reused here.
  • The Minions are the only choices on the list to come from an animated movie.
    • He says the main reason why he personally dislikes the Minions is because, while they were charming and likeable in the first Despicable Me movie, they have became excessively overhyped in the movies and their marketing itself. He also dislikes them for being very loud and generally obnoxious characters combined with being excessively overhyped.
  • He said he chose Magic Man over Lemongrab is because while Lemongrab is generally annoying (he even labels Lemongrab as a dishonorable mention in Worst Cartoon Characters), he simply just didn't know any better, while Magic Man was just a cruel person who continuosly torments Finn and Jake just for his own amusement and even transforms Jake into himself to escape his own execution and leave Jake to get killed. Though, Strider did like it when he loses his powers and turns into much more redeemable "Normal Man".
  • Strider thinks it's somewhat debatable whether seasons 6-8 of SpongeBob count as "good", but loves reviewing SpongeBob so much, he breaks his own rule to talk about Patrick's character derailment in those three seasons.  

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