# Film Image Release Date Budget Box Office Status on Rotten Tomatoes/IMDB
10 Mulan II
P35673 d v8 aa
February 1, 2005 N/A N/A 0% (5.7/10)
9 Teen Beach Movie
Teen Beach Movie poster
July 19, 2013 N/A N/A 86% (5.8/10)
8 Mars Needs Moms
MV5BZmU2YjkyNjctYmRhYi00ZDM3LTk0NTgtNjg4NDBiZDk3YTUxXkEyXkFqcGdeQXVyNDgyODgxNjE@. V1 SY1000 CR0,0,707,1000 AL
March 11, 2011 150,000,000 $38,992,758 37% (5.4/10)
7 Beauty and the Beast: Belle's "Magical" World
P22790 d v8 aa
February 17, 1998 N/A N/A 17% (5.6/10)
6 Home on the Range
P33453 d v8 aa
April 2, 2004 $110,000,000 $103,951,461 54% (5.4/10)
5 Planes
August 9, 2013 $50,000,000 $239,258,712 25% (5.8/10)
4 G-Force
G-Force poster
July 24, 2009 $150,000,000 $292,817,841 22% (5.1/10)
3 Inspector Gadget 2
March 11, 2003 $12,000,000 N/A 40% (3.4/10)
2 Hannah Montana: The Movie
April 10, 2009 $30,000,000 $155,525,718 43% (4.3/10)
1 Chicken Little
Chicken Little Disney 2005 Poster
November 4, 2005 $150,000,000 $314,432,837 36% (5.8/10)

Dishonorable Mentions

Film Image Release Date Budget Box Office Status on Rotten Tomatoes/IMDB Why It's Not on the List
The Black Cauldron
P8695 p v8 ah
July 24, 1985 $44,000,000 $21,288,692 55% (6.5/10) "I couldn't put it on the list, purely because the animation in this one was beautiful traditional Disney style, and ideas like the Horned King are just wonderful fantasy."
Cinderella II
February 26, 2002 $5,000,000 N/A 11% (5/10) "Sure, it's a bad, shoddy, tacky direct-to-DVD sequel, but I have just always been in love with Jennifer Hale's voice. So I couldn't hate this movie because she plays Cinderella, and Tress MacNeille gives a lovely performance as always too. Sure, they're working with zero writing, but they still make it pleasant enough."
Lion King 1½
Lion king 1 half cover
February 10, 2004 N/A N/A 76% (6.6/10) "Damn it! I wanted to make fun of this show! But, you know what? It's actually really funny! All the way through this one, I was laughing! Timon and Pumba make this a really funny movie and I actually really recommend it."
Song of the South
November 20, 1946 $2,152,000 $65,000,000 60% (7.4/10) "This one gets a lot of flak, but I honestly didn't think it was that bad. Obviously, the African-Americans being slaves is an unpleasant product of the times. But aside from that, hey, we get Zip-a-Dee-Doo-Dah from this movie. It's not good, but I don't think it quite deserves a place on this list."


  • Milo from Mars Needs Moms, Mushu from Mulan II, and Buck Cluck from Chicken Little will be reviewed in his Worst Disney Characters (April 9, 2017).
    • Beast from Belle's "Magical" World and the Home on the Range characters will make it on the same video as a dishonorable mention.

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