# Title Image Premiere Finale Status on IMDB/
5 Hulk Hogan's Rock 'n' Wrestling
September 14, 1985  October 18, 1986 6.2/10 (7.1/10)
4 Teamo Supremo
Teamo Supremo Games Wallpaper 2 1024
August 25, 2002 August 17, 2004 4/10 (5.3/10)
3 Mighty B!
April 26, 2008 June 12, 2011 5.4/10 (5.5/10)
2 Alice in Wonderland (2010)
February 23, 2010 1.8/10
1 The Slim Shady Show
1152484 1456233689630 270 270
September 15, 2000 6.1/10


  • PhantomStrider: "Bessie, AKA Mighty B, is just not an enjoyable character to watch for me. Most of the episodes seem to revolve around her continuously pestering and bothering those around her until they finally relent to just get away from her, while she dismissing her worshiping younger brother, while talking to her invisible "finger friend". I'm as confused as you are. And most of the jokes seem to revolve around Bessie repeating the same phrase over and over until you think your DVD is broken."

-His summary of why he personally isn't a fan of Mighty B!

  • PhantomStrider: "Congratulations, Slim Shady Show! You have now replaced King Star King as the #4 worst cartoon of all time! Well done, you utter peace of revolting defecation! Frankly, I think my hero, Weird Al, summed up this cartoon, and Eminem, best of all!"
    Eminem: "Know what I'm sayin'?"
    Al: "I told ya..."
    Eminem: "Know what I'm sayin'?"
    Al: "Look, I said that I..."
    Eminem: "Know what I'm sayin'?"
    Al: "What..."
    Eminem: "Know what I'm sayin'? Know what I'm sayin'?"
    Al: "I said I..."
    Eminem: "Know what I'm sayin'? Know what I'm sayin'?"
    Al: "SHUT UP! SHUT UP! SHUT UP!!!"
    Eminem: "Know what I'm sayin'?"
    Al: "Yes! Yes! I know what you're saying, alright?"
    PhantomStrider: "Clearly, I was WRONG! There's clearly NO hope for cartoons! In fact, I'm gonna watch some modern cartoons right now, just to prove my point!"
    [Watches the shows from his Best Modern Cartoons list; thus giving him a new orange shirt for his reviews]
    PhantomStrider: "Hey! This feels perfect! Alright, thanks for watching! And I'll see you next time!"

-PhantomStrider's conclusion to his Slim Shady Show review, as well as his entire video.


  • As of this video, he considers Slim Shady Show his #4 worst cartoon of all time, replacing King Star King.
    • 3 weeks later on June 20, 2017, he later talks about how King Star King is slightly better than Slim Shady Show.  
  • Strider replaces his old shirt in this review
  • This is the first appearance of Dark Strider in a top list