# Title Image Premiere Finale Status on IMDB
5 Maya the Bee
Maya the Bee Movie
March 8, 2015 6/10
4 El Tonno
March 14, 2002 March 27, 2003 N/A
3 The Hydronauts
September 13, 2003 December 6, 2003 N/A
2 Fix and Foxi
Fix and Foxi and Friends
February 26, 2000 6.3/10
1 Loggerheads
The loggerheads tv series-628760693-large
1998 1999 7.4/10

Trivia Edit

  • He pronounces "Maya" as "May-uh" most of the time, and only pronounces it as "Mi-uh" once.
    • Also, he was referring to the movie Maya the Bee.
  • He refers to the animation to The Hydronauts as "CG" although it is actually digital ink and paint.

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